Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Abigail/Barbatos

Artist: Abigail/Barbatos
Album Title: Sexual Metal Holocaust
Label: Bestial Onslaught

This is a split LP from Abigail and the Abigail side project Barbatos. Both are thrashing Japanese bands with a touch of Black Metal influence.

Most of the Abigail side of this split is a live set. I have to give credit to song selection, here - I'd have liked a live version of "Yakuza! Yakuza! Yakuza!", but the songs that did make the cut are all among Abigail's best, along with one track from Barbatos' "War! Speed and Power". As usual, the vocals are what truly set Abigail apart from the pack. Yasuyuki's insane screeching has yet to be matched, and is doubly impressive live! After the live set, we get a fantastic new seven-minute studio track, "Great Swordman". This song is epic and mostly mid-paced, in a slight departure from Abigail's usual style, but it's packed with catchy riffing.

The Barbatos side of the split is mostly demo-versions of songs from "War! Speed and Power", along with a ripping new studio song, "We're Crazy Fighters". Most of what's here won't be any great revelation to those who have Barbatos' CD, but the raw demo atmosphere suits these songs, and it's interesting to hear the mix of "World War 2" without the sirens. To be honest, this side of the split isn't nearly as great as the first, if you already have "War! Speed and Power". That doesn't matter much, though, since the live stuff alone is more than worth the price of the LP.

This LP is definitely a must-have for fans of Abigail and Barbatos, and it's also a fine place to start for those who haven't yet heard their music. I'd also recommend this to anyone interested in old-school Thrash, or the Japanese metal scene.

Standout Tracks: "Prophecy of the Evening Star", "Great Swordman", "Fuck the World"