Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Alioth - Channelling Unclean Spirits

Artist: Alioth
Album Title: Channelling Unclean Spirits
Label: Starlight Temple Society

This is the first demo from Alioth, a one-man death metal side project of Cult of Daath.

The production on "Channelling Unclean Spirits" is nice and thick, very reminiscent of the Greek black metal scene of the early 90s. In particular, the guitar sound bears a strong resemblance to Varathron. The drums are a bit distant, but audible, and the belched vocals are just where they should be in the mix. The bass could be just a little bit louder, though.

The songwriting here is just as Greek-influenced as the sound. Alioth's songs are built from driving, repetitive riffs, backed by plenty of bass work and broken by more energetic passages. The vocals are quite raw, yet understandable, and the occult lyrics lend an obscure atmosphere to the recording. They've got more than a little range, too, as the middle section of "Apocryphal Dimensions" shows. A couple of interestingly minimalist acoustic tracks break the mood between songs. I'm usually bored by this sort of thing, but the echoing, mysterious sound Alioth achieves here is quite convincing. In fact, I'm very impressed by all of the instrumental sections. Most bands would lean on a vocalist as good as this one, but Alioth lets every instrument shine... this level of mastery is especially impressive in a one-man band!

"Channelling Unclean Spirits" is one of the best demos I've heard in some time. It's a must for fans of the old Greek and Czech canon -- perfect for those who've worn all the data off their copy of the Necromantia/Varathron split! Highly recommended!

Standout Tracks: "Call of the Deep"