Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Allfather - Weapon of Ascension

Artist: Allfather
Album Title: Weapon of Ascension
Label: Invictus

This is the first full-length release from Allfather, a Canadian band that plays technical black/war metal.

The riffing on this album is fast, fast, fast, as befits the band's status as distinguished graduates of the Angelcorpse school of metal. The drumming goes from hyperspeed blasting to slower, more introspective moments, without a single error. It's definitely the most impressive aspect of this band. The bass gives the band's sound a good deal of depth, and come in for a few solo moments, as well. Vocals are snarled, and understandable enough, with a bit of effort.

The songwriting on this album is an improvement over the band's earlier work, which is saying a lot. The songs are tight and quick - none over three minutes - but they each show a lot of variety. For example, "Through Ages Wrought" begins with the usual full-speed attack, but introduces a slower riff quite early. Then the band breaks it with a bass interlude, and continues to alternate between heaviness and speed for the remainder of the song. It's touches like this that keep this style of metal from blending into a single mass of sound. There's no need to worry about that with Allfather, as there are a ton of distinctive moments here. The lyrics also deserve mention for their thoughtfulness and clarity.

Despite its relatively short length, "Weapon of Ascension" is among the best albums of 2004. If you like blistering-fast metal like Axis of Advance and Conqueror, you should definitely get this album, along with Allfather's earlier work. Highly recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Evolution to Supremacy", "Invictus", "In the Face of Nobility"