Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Allvaters Zorn - Erbe Verpflichtet

Artist: Allvaters Zorn
Album Title: Erbe Verpflichtet
Label: Regimental

This is a side band of Grabnebelfursten's vocalist, SeelenSchlachten. Allvaters Zorn is a mix of black metal and ambient sections.

This tape is basically one long black metal song with ambient breaks, flanked by a few folky ambient tracks, and finished off with one song that's a mix of the two. The metal parts here have a triumphant sound, with lots of catchy riffs and key progressions. The vocals are mostly in clear spoken style, with a few snarls here and there. The guitar and drums are very low in the mix, but quite audible, a choice that gives the keys and vocals center stage. The ambient parts are just that: some keys, some folk instruments, some nature sounds. It's surprising to hear some heavy guitar in the background, in places, especially since it isn't allowed to overwhelm the folky tone of these pieces.

This is a somewhat unique black metal album, in that it isn't afraid to be catchy, even melodic at times. This is especially interesting given the raw production - it's almost as if Allvaters Zorn is challenging the listener with the juxtaposition. Personally, I enjoyed the result. This is an album that sticks with you, mostly due to the great songwriting. The black metal goes from minimalist to decadent in an instant, and both modes are entirely convincing. Even the ambient parts have an edge of obscurity which sets them apart from the pack.

Much like Grabnebelfursten, and yet different from them as well, Allvaters Zorn has a truly unique sound. This tape is worth seeking out, if only to experience something different from anything else you've heard... and given the quality on display here, chances are you'll come back to this one.

Standout Tracks: Erbe Verpflichtet, Vom Ende der Welt