Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Amputator - S/T

Artist: Amputator
Album Title: Amputator
Label: Regimental

This is a demo mCD from Amputator, an American band playing black metal.

The sound on this album is pretty robust, though the drums sound a bit lighter than they should. The guitar is nice and crunchy, right up front in the mix. The main vocals are grunted with a bit of echo, and are double-tracked from time to time. There's a death metal styled growl that comes up now and again, also.

In terms of songwriting, these guys remind me of early Darkthrone, with some thrash influence thrown in. This CD is short, being a demo, but the songs on display are plenty catchy and interesting. Since there are only five songs, I may as well review them individually.

"With Hate" starts out blasting and stays there. I like the vocal patterns on this one, as well as the varied cymbal hits.

"Nuclear Fucking Deathcult" is the heaviest song on the album, with a ripping main riff. Nice old-school feeling on this one.

"Mass Grave Contagion" is more atmospheric than the first two songs, with a bit of a Burzumish touch. The snarl-and-death-growl duet here is excellent.

"Gorefucked Blasphemy" sounds a bit done-before (I wanted to put on "Australian & Antichrist" the whole way through!) Very thrashy, based around a simple punky riff and aggressive vocals.

"Furnace Sacrament" is another atmospheric song. The closing section here is the best moment of the CD, with its vocal interplay and aggressive drumming... great sample to close things out, too!

This is a pretty good demo -- nothing groundbreaking, but I like the varied style, and the songwriting is solid. The mix of vocal styles is especially great. The only weakness of this one is its short length, and given the price, it's probably worth it regardless. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Nuclear Fucking Deathcult", "Mass Grave Contagion", "Furnace Sacrament"