Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Begrime Exemious - Impending Funeral of Man review

Artist: Begrime Exemious
Album Title: Impending Funeral of Man
Label: Dark Descent Records

This is the first full-length record from Begrime Exemious, a Canadian band playing black/death metal.

The sound on this record is heavy on the bass and drums, with tons of low-end. The guitars are right up front in the mix, as well, yet the harsh vocals are perfectly audible... and everything has just the right amount of filth. Top-notch production job on this one.

Begrime Exemious combine thrashy d-beat drumming with death metal rhythm guitar and tons of heavy metal/hard rock solos -- sounds crazy, but it works! The non-stop avalanche of riffs give this record plenty of impact, and the varied lead work helps to make each song memorable. There are even some doomy breaks here and there; the slow parts lend this album an extra dose of evil atmosphere, a la mid-period Morbid Angel. The vocals are great as well: they're quite catchy, and delivered with tons of range, yet they absolutely drip with sickness!

The tortured, drawn-out vocal parts (like the slow section on "Sanctum Sanctorum") are especially killer. "Psalmody of Sacrifical Blaze" also uses this to tremendous effect during the crushing closing section, which follows eight minutes of vicious guitar work. The end of that song is perhaps the most memorable part on the album; the echoing bells and eerie, repetitive vocal pattern are classic! I'm also impressed by "Ancient Crypts Asunder". Everything about this song is perfect, from the heavy-metal soloing to the swaggering doom sections, and the main melody is a hell of a headbanger! The instrumental track ("Incipit") is also surprisingly good. Normally I don't care for these, but this one provides a welcome bit of breathing room amidst the chaos.

It's always nice to hear a record that doesn't sound like some other record. Begrime Exemious blend every possible style on Impending Funeral of Man, yet this record remains fiercely straightforward and heavy; the result is unique. Anyone who likes evil, riff-based death metal should enjoy this. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Psalmody of Sacrificial Blaze", "Sanctum Sanctorum", "Ancient Crypts Asunder"