Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Bleakwood / Azoth split review Artist: Bleakwood / Azoth
Album Title: Etched Upon Oblivion / Babalon
Label: Tactical Solutions

Azoth's side of this split provides six minutes of cold, rushing drumming & tremolo riffing, complemented by bizarre, haunted spirit-groans and harsh snarls. Halfway through the atmosphere is suddenly broken by a huge, triumphant guitar line, which combines to perfect effect with some sonorous war-horn synths.

The distant, ritual whisper of Bleakwood's track is broken by fierce, raging sections, but it still gives off a thoughtful, esoteric aura. I especially enjoyed the last few minutes, packed with jangling, off-kilter guitar and vocals both bellowed and croaked; the drumming is also great, varied and interesting.

This is a solid black metal split -- both songs are memorable, and both sound distinct despite sharing a member in Dan Nahum. I like the Bleakwood side a bit better, but it'll probably come down to taste. The packaging is also worth mentioning, as it comes with a mini-poster and printed lyrics sheet... quite substantial for a 7"! Recommended.