Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Blood Storm - Sirian Storm

Artist: Blood Storm
Album Title: Sirian Storm
Label: Necroharmonic

This is the fourth full-length album from Blood Storm, an American band playing black/thrash metal.

For the most part, Blood Storm's sound depends on thrashing backing guitar, pounding drums, complex bass work, and vicious snarled vocals. They slow down once in a while for Celtic Frost-influenced passages, complete with groove-laden lead guitar work and deep vocals.

Whether you like Blood Storm's fast stuff or their Frost stuff, this album has plenty for you. "Death By the Storm Wizard" and "Anubis Cell" will please speed freaks, while "The Black Science" and "Imzaari Exrih" are two of the best slower songs this band has to offer. The riffing and vocals on this album are top-notch, right up there with the songs on Ancient Wraith of Ku. The bright, atypical album covers and weird occult lyrics are always a highlight of Blood Storm albums, and this one is no exception. The chorus to "Imzaari Exrih" reminds me of my favorite Blood Storm song, "Kmo A'ajei Virus"... good stuff!

If you're already into Blood Storm, this is a must-buy. If not, you might want to get Ancient Wraith of Ku first, but this is also worth your time. Sirian Storm is one of the most entertaining albums I've heard in some time. Highly recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Age of the Ram", "The Black Science", "Imzaari Exrih"