Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Antaeus review Artist: Dead River Runs Dry
Album Title: Winter
Label: Self-released

The production on this demo is sharp and dry, with a clicky-typewriter drum sound and lead guitars which tend to overwhelm everything else from time to time. I like the rhythm guitar sound a lot, though: it's got just enough crunch to convince, and is a perfect complement to the snarled vocals.

The demo opens with "The Weapon Black", mainly memorable for its wonderfully arrogant main riff. The overall feel is Aussie black/thrash, but I get a bit of old Greek feeling on this one, too, especially as things slow down near the end and the vocals begin to gurgle... "Paradigm of Barbaric Antiquity" is short and sweet, all speed ahead into galloping guitars. The triumphant guitar line near the end is a great touch, but at a minute-fifty I was left wanting a bit more. "Way of the Plunderer" slows things down with a stately, thoughtful main riff and some echoing counterpoint. About halfway it transitions into a rolling, midpaced anthem. "Dying Gleam of the Sun Eternal" opens and closes on an oddly regretful note, but it's quite effective, especially as the track begins to take a more aggressive stance. The echoing guitar line which opens & closes the song might stick with you...

This isn't bad for a first demo, but a better production and some more unified songwriting would've improved it. The drum sound really hurts the mid-paced sections, and while the thoughtful and aggressive moods are both well-done, I feel like the band could benefit from developing one over the other (I'd vote for aggressive, given the style). This demo is worth checking out, though, and can be downloaded for free from bandcamp, so give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Standout tracks: "The Weapon Black"