Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Demoncy - Empire of the Fallen Angel

Artist: Demoncy
Album Title: Empire of the Fallen Angel
Label: Blood Fire Death

This is the fourth full-length album from Demoncy, an American band playing black metal.

The guitar sounds very much like later Enthroned, quite thin and high. The drumming is blast-beats, for the most part. Vocals are growled.

Demoncy is one of my favorite bands, but the songwriting here just isn't up to their usual standard. The riff transitions and atmosphere feel very "done before", to the point where the album feels generic and boring. There are a few moments of quality, like the beginning of "Wormarch of the Black Hordes", but these are overwhelmed by mediocrity. In short, this album sounds like any random album from any random Norsecore band, NOT like Demoncy.

For any other band, this album would be halfway decent, but for Demoncy, it's a failure. If you've already got "Faustian Dawn", "Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost", and "Joined in Darkness", there's no reason to get this. In fact, there's no real reason to get this, period. I'll look forward to their next album, in the hopes that they return to their earlier greatness. Not recommended.