Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Demontage - Sacrilege & Miscreancy

Artist: Demontage
Album Title: Sacrilege & Miscreancy
Label: Unsung Heroes

This is the first full-length album from Demontage, a Canadian band playing heavy/black metal.

The sound on this record is dominated by the drums, bass, and guitar, with the vocals a bit low in the mix. This gives it a somewhat live sound, which fits the music very well. Occasional movie samples lend the proceedings extra atmosphere.

The songwriting here is an improvement over the Madness Disease demo, and that's saying something. Every song has about a million different things going on, just jam-packed with crazy drumming and solos, memorable vocal work, and complex bass lines. Songs like "Desastrophies of War" go from speedy chugging to slow, doomy passages and back in less than two minutes, all without a single misstep. The interplay between vocalists on that song is also remarkable. "Mutation Meltdown" also displays some great tempo changes and drum work, and the weird vocals and melody give it a creepy feel. Good use of bass lines as well! One of this band's best songs, "Carrion Race", has been re-recorded from the demo, and sounds even better here. And what heavy metal band would be complete without a song named after the band? "Demontage" is a ten-minute wander of a song, with echoing vocals and several instrumental passages, including showcase pieces for each individual instrument. The whole thing builds up to a solo-packed jam before ending with the sound of thunder. arrrrgh, these guys must be killer live!

This is a great album from a band that really ought to be getting more attention. If you like dark heavy metal, you really have no excuse not to get this, especially if a mix between something like Cirith Ungol or Brocas Helm and early black metal sounds good to you. Highly recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Desastrophies of War", "Carrion Race", "Demontage"