Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Draco Aerius - Serve the Chaos

Artist: Draco Aerius
Title: Serve the Chaos
Label: Self-Released

This is the second demo from the New Zealand band Draco Aerius. They play melodic black metal.

The guitar sound here is high and sharp, for the most part, very reminiscent of Emperor or Abigor. The vocalist goes from a high scream to a deep death-metal growl, and even throws in a few stated passages. The drum sound is quite heavy and full, and the drumming is excellent during both blasting and slower sections. There are some movie samples as intros to a few of the songs.

Draco Aerius' songwriting is mostly concerned with melody and speed. These songs are blazing fast most of the time, with some slower breaks, and they're chock full of catchy guitar lines. The vocal performance here is used to reinforce the melodies of the guitars, almost as another instrument in itself. There are even a few guitar lines that sound like classic Heavy Metal, especially during "Perpetual Nocturne". These are an interesting touch, and they work surprisingly well with this kind of melodic black metal.

This is the most professional-sounding demo I've reviewed as of late. Given the popularity of this style, and the polish of this band, I'm not surprised to see that they've been signed already. Fans of melodic black metal should watch for the full-length. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Perpetual Nocturne", "Draco Aerius"