Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Evil Silence

Artist: Evil Silence
Album Title: No Will, No Hope
Label: Evil Music

This is an mCD from a Colombian band, playing speed metal with some progressive touches.

The guitar work here is very good. The solos are competent, and the backing guitar is just biting enough for this style of metal. The vocals are an easily understandable rasp, and fit the music quite well. The drums are well-played but unremarkable, probably because the production on the album makes them somewhat hard to hear. The synth is tasteful, for the most part, though there are a few moments of over-the-top synth.

In terms of songwriting, this is a reasonably solid album. Most of the solos are appropriate for the song they're in, and the breakdowns are well-placed. Some things are a bit out of place, though. The spoken-word samples seem entirely random, and don't fit the songs at all. Some of the more progressive segments also fail to mesh with the rest of the song, as in the title track's instrumental portion.

There are enough problems here that I can't really recommend buying this EP, but at the same time, this band shows a good deal of potential. Their songs are interesting and aggressive, with plenty of interesting guitar work. Given time, the members of Evil Silence should be able to create much more polished output.

Standout Tracks - "To Build a Fire", "The Final Storm"