Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Father Befouled - Obscurus Nex Cultus

Artist: Father Befouled
Album Title: Obscurus Nex Cultus
Label: Gasmask Productions

This is the first album from Father Befouled, an American band playing death metal.

The production on this album is thick and murky, dripping with down-tuned guitars, sick, belched vocals, and obscure bass. The machine-drumming is this band's only weakness, and even it is not too bad: it's buried under the mix most of the time, anyway. I love the opening sample, but I could have done without the others; they seem to break the mood a bit too much.

Early Incantation is the obvious influence here -- oblique, squealing McEntee-style guitar parts trade off with fierce blasting sections and doomy breaks. Thus, this record is not all that original, but wow, is it ever convincing! The depth of the sick feeling here is really exceptional; this album is beyond nasty in sound, simply filthy as fuck. I especially like the slow parts, during which the crushing atomsphere seems to swell to mammoth proportions... "Golden Rivers Of Heaven (Baptized in Piss)" is a perfect example of this. The fast parts are also great, with recognizable riff patterns that just manage to hold your head up out of the river of blasting. Most of the tracks on this album are short and to the point, but Father Befouled can handle longer songs as well: with its molasses-like vocals and rushing cymbal-abuse, the epic closing track is the perfect ending to this record.

If you've worn the grooves off your copy of "Onward to Golgotha", this record is for you. Anyone who likes filthy death metal ought to check this out, as well. Recommended.

Standout tracks: "Idolatry of Cursed Revelation", "Golden Rivers Of Heaven (Baptized in Piss)", "Beneath the Spires of Noctural Temples / Defiling Creation"