Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Father Befouled / Decrepitaph split review

Artist: Father Befouled / Decrepitaph
Album Title: Christlike Dementia / Summoned for Sacrifice
Label: Archasm

This is a split 7" between Father Befouled and Decrepitaph, two American death metal bands.

Father Befouled's Incantation-style death metal sounds even better here than on their previous releases; the thick production and sharp, biting guitar sound are perfect for this band. I think their songwriting has moved up a notch, also, as the wandering main guitar line is very disturbing, and the slow section in the middle is crushing! The drum/bass/distortion section before the end is also exceptional.

Decrepitaph is equally convincing, serving up a solid slab of doomy death metal. The swaggering slow sections recall "The Rack", while the rumbling, grinding parts remind me of early Bolt Thrower, but the band adds plenty of originality as well. I love the varied drumming, and the filthy, almost incomprehensible vocals are definitely a great touch!

This is a great split from two of the best current American death metal bands, and the packaging is really nice, too -- the red theme looks killer. If you're looking to try either of these bands, there's no better place to start. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Summoned for Sacrifice", "Christlike Dementia"