Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Grabnebelfursten

Artist: Grabnebelfursten
Album Title: Von Schemen und Trugbildern
Label: Ketzer/Beverina

This is the first I've heard of this band, though I believe they have released a split vinyl with Pest, and possibly other works as well. They're a German band playing a unique style of Black Metal.

"Von Schemen und Trugbildern" is probably one of the most original releases I've heard in a while. It's very avantgarde music. The obvious comparison would be with fellow German art-metallers Bethlehem, but while that band occasionally let the artsy aspects get in the way of the metal, Grabnebelfursten do nothing that detracts from the insane, chaotic atmosphere of this disc. Even the short piano/vocals piece is angst-ridden and perfectly timed, creating a great lead-in for the violence of the fifth track.

As far as the music goes, it's undeniably melodic, though not in the ordinary vein, and certainly not at the expense of hatefulness or brutality. There's an absolute variety of vocal styles, including clear singing, all of which are perfectly done. The riffs are excellent, each memorable and technical, yet punishing. Keys and samples are used sparingly.

This is a truly original work, and should be sought out by anyone interested in extreme music. Few releases show this level of experimentation, and fewer still have done so while maintaining this level of quality.

Standout Tracks: "Sturmpropheten", "Leben mit der Angst", "Fluchgeburt"