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Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Greed & Rapacity - Ergreifer review Artist: Greed & Rapacity
Album Title: Ergreifer
Label: Self-released

The production on this album is high and thin, with plenty of cymbal and cutting guitar. The vocals are up-front in the mix, along with the audible bass. The drums are also quite easy to make out -- the sound on Ergreifer stays cohesive even when everything's blasting.

The first thing you'll notice about Greed & Rapacity is the vocals. Insane is the only adjective for the screaming, ranting, frothing performance on offer here. I really haven't heard anything quite like this; it brings both Sacramentary Abolishment and Rev. Kriss Hades to mind, without being too close to either. Blood Revolt might be another point of comparison, both for the vocals and the music... but this is much more scattershot and unhinged, and the progressive touch that occasionally creeps into the guitar work is in a league of its own. Suffice to say that this is weird, weird stuff: rabid vocals over frantic riffing that lurches between death and black metal, with pulsing bass lines that constantly weave in and out of the non-stop cymbal abuse. The end of "Fortunate Son" even touches on classic heavy metal for a moment, before the whole thing churns onward. As mad as it all is, though, Ergreifer is surprisingly coherent, especially on multiple listens. I suppose I'd call it war metal, if I had to categorize it -- the pick-slides-and-snarling aggression of "Sublime Nails and Wolf Fangs" certainly suggests so -- but these guys are really pushing beyond the conventions of the genre.

Greed & Rapacity might be a little *too* crazy for some people, but it's a breath of fresh air just the same, and makes for a unique and challenging listen. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Ergreifer", "Sublime Nails and Wolf Fangs"