Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Grom

Artist: Grom
Album Title: Pagan War Machine
Label: Hakenkreuz/Vinland Winds

This is an MCD from Grom, a Polish band playing NSBM.

These guys are a cross between early Graveland and Destroyer 666, as they take a thrashy, old-school approach with occasional epic moments. The drums alternate between blast beat speeds and slower triumphant passages, with raw, yelled vocals behind them. There are also a few samples sprinkled here and there.

I've listened to this album quite a bit, but I'm unable to find more than a few moments that rise above mediocrity. The solos are more silly than menacing, especially in the first track, where they're actually laugh inducing. Some of the samples are equally lame, especially the barking-dog-and-screams that ends "Doberman". The backing guitar and drums are well done, but they're usually buried under ill-conceived breakdowns and the aforementioned solos.

Granted, there are some good parts to this album, like the melancholy acoustic guitar piece "Et in Arcadia Ego", and the Graveland-esque closer, "The Shores of Avalon". Even so, it's just not enough to make me recommend this. Those seeking NSBM should skip this CD and get something from Selbstmord or Hate Forest instead.

Standout Tracks: "Et in Arcadia Ego", "The Shores of Avalon"