Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Nekrasov / Moon / Nekros Manteia - The Haunting Resonance

Artist: Nekrasov / Moon / Nekros Manteia
Album Title: The Haunting Resonance
Label: Fall Of Nature Records

Nekrasov's side of this split starts off soft and quiet, then suddenly bursts into fierce noise. The dissonant wall of guitars, wall of pounding drums, and distant snarled vocals reward multiple listens, as subtle patterns lie within... but they're perhaps a little bit too dense for a fifteen-minute song, even when alternated with more quiet passages. I like the spacey keys which come in at around five minutes... but again, by the ten-minute mark, it's a bit much.

Moon sounds a bit more industrial-tinged, with howling vocals and keyboards over a simple, echoing rhythm. The keyboard work here is very good -- there's some subtle melody to be found in it, as well as a ton of atmosphere. The mood change at about four minutes in is also brilliantly done, introducing shifting, eerie whispers with counterpoint synth. I also like how the closing section brings both parts together to powerful, crushing effect.

The drums on the Nekros Manteia side are heavy as hell; very strong and present, with a perfect production. They form the basis for a sprawling, wandering exploration of echoing distortion and abrupt, fragmented guitar parts. Nice sample before the metal part, also. I found that section quite convincing: swaggering, crushing riffs which join together with the distortion from earlier. The drumming here is enjoyable, as well, and the gasping vocals near the end are very cool.

I have to admit that this sort of thing just isn't my cup of tea; if you're into extremely atmospheric/ambient metal, you might give this a try, especially for the Moon side and the latter half of the Nekros Manteia song, but I can't personally recommend it.