Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Heresiarch - Węlwulf review Artist: Heresiarch
Album Title: Węlwulf
Label: Iron Bonehead

The sound on this EP is much deeper and more well-balanced than on "Hammer of Intransigence". The guitars are up front here, giving the whole thing a focused and vicious feel, and the drums stand out just enough, leaving the vocals and bass to anchor the songs.

Węlwulf is more mid-paced than their previous outing -- the overall feeling is one of arrogant, repetitive riffing over a slow, stately beat -- but the threat of violence is still ever-present throughout. The savage & chaotic solos blew me away, especially on "Waelwulf". The lead part at around 2:00 is everything I want in a war metal song. "Abrecan" sounds like an air raid in progress, combining a slow, echoing guitar line with ominous drumming and hissing multi-tracked vox. "Endethaest" is the most similar to the songs on "Hammer...": the first half features a raging tempo, all aggressive riffs & pick-slides, whereas the second half yields to thunderous drums over one of the band's most memorable motifs. The whole EP seems to bear down on you with relentless, tireless pressure, and the two sides flow together perfectly.

This EP is everthing I hoped it'd be: powerful and endlessly listenable, a strong step beyond the band's earlier stuff. Anyone who enjoys bands like Witchrist and Diocletian needs to give this a listen. Highest recommendations.

Standout tracks: "Węlwulf"