Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - In Death I Become - Black Wings, Grey Skies review

Artist: In Death I Become
Album Title: Black Wings, Grey Skies
Label: Scattered to the Winds

This is the third full-length album from In Death I Become, an American band playing death/doom metal.

The production on this album is thick and suitably murky, with a heavy, fuzzy rhythm guitar tone and a more classic, clean sound for the lead guitars. The snarled vocals are perfectly situated in the mix, as are the occasional clean vocal parts. The crisp drum sound is also great. This time around, the bass is a bit easier to make out, as well.

Black Wings, Grey Skies is a huge leap forward from the band's last album. The shorter, more aggressive songs that open the album are the perfect complement to the crushing atmosphere this band developed on The Splendour of Emptiness. Both the riffing and solos have reached a new level, also -- this record is jam-packed with memorable guitar parts. "Wolfskin Demons" is a perfect example; the triumphant main riff on this song is fucking huge, as is the tormented vocal performance! The tempo changes lend this song even more power, and the lyrics are just plain amazing. I could listen to this track on repeat forever, it's that good.

The doomy atmosphere from the last album is in evidence, too: "Horns Filled With Blood" slows things down a bit, with a massive spoken-word section and killer lead work, and then "Raven's Bread" follows it up with some even slower parts. Great drumming on that one. "Merciless Solitude" is another favorite of mine; the tempo changes on this track are brilliant, and its sprawling, off-kilter guitar work and powerful dual vocals are the perfect way to close out the album.

Black Wings, Grey Skies sounds like a doom-laden combination of mid-period Destroyer 666 and Slough Feg: epic and intelligent, yet catchy and heavy as hell! Highly recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Wolfskin Demons", "Horns Filled With Blood", "Merciless Solitude"