Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - In Death I Become

Artist: In Death I Become
Album Title: The Splendour of Emptiness
Label: Self-released

This is the second album from In Death I Become, an American band playing death/doom metal.

The rhythm guitar tone here is thick and fuzzy, and the leads are much cleaner, giving the album a classic, heavy doom atomsphere. The vocals alternate between clean singing and a rough, snarled delivery. The latter is more to my liking than the former, but they're both well-executed, and the variety is definitely nice. The drumming is great, especially the cymbal work on the slower tracks. Due to the thick production, the bass doesn't stand out much, which is sort of a shame.

The mix of classic and extreme styles on this album is excellent. The clean parts and complex songwriting are evenly balanced by the thick sound and heavy riffing. Songs like "Beneath the Tree" and "Kvasir's Blood" explore the former, while the latter is especially apparent on "Stillness", a crushing slab of death/doom! The lead guitar work also deserves mention. Its soaring, fierce complexity gives the album an epic heavy metal feel. The band is also capable of speeding up from time to time, as on the closing number, which alternates blasting passages with powerful doom/death sections that recall classic Asphyx. The soloing over the top brings both styles together seamlessly! Intelligent lyrics exploring death, isolation, and blasphemy round out the package.

This album ought to have wide appeal: those looking for heavy, mid-paced metal will definitely be pleased, and those into more progressive or gothic sounds will also find more than enough to like. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: Stillness, To Witness This Death