Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Iugulatus - Call of the Horned God review

Artist: Iugulatus
Album Title: Call of the Horned God
Label: Regimental

The production on this record is surprisingly clear, with just a touch of distortion on the guitars and vocals -- the rhythm guitar tone is especially easy to sink your teeth into. There's some wash when the drummer is blasting, but the drums sound good overall. The bass makes up for a lot, though; it really drives this record, and I like how easy it is to make out.

Iugulatus' Root-meets-old-Gorgoroth approach sounds convincingly old-school, and the riffs don't sound too done-before -- a lot of the guitar work on "Right Time" sounds downright quirky, for instance. The band has a driving sense of rhythm, too, which makes this an easy record to listen to. The songwriting is pretty solid, but some of the songs (especially the epic title track) go on a bit too long; "Right Time" is probably the best thing on the album, partly because it's so short and sweet. I really like the galloping feel of "Corpse Eater", though, and the weird, varied songwriting on "Werewolf" is also good. The slow sections in "Child of Chaos" and "Black Knight" are great, also. This band shines every time the bass comes to the forefront! I think the vocals are a little too easily-understood, however -- choruses like "I HATE YOU! I WANNA KILL YOU!" and "MY... NAME... IS WEREWOLF!" probably sounded better in Polish. I found this kind of endearing, actually, but others may disagree.

There's nothing groundbreaking going on here, but if you like riff-and-bass-heavy black metal you could do a lot worse than "Call of the Horned God". Give Iugulatus a listen and see what you think.

Standout Tracks: "Right Time", "Corpse Eater", "Werewolf"