Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Kratornas - The Fourth Seal

Artist: Kratornas
Album Title: The Fourth Seal (advance sample)
Label: Self-released

This is a review of two advance tracks from this grinding black metal band from the Philippines.

The rhythm guitar sound here is incredibly thick, with tons of low-end. In comparison, the vocals are sort of quiet, but not annoyingly so. My only complaint with the sound on this demo is that the computer drums are too distracting. They'd be better if they were quieter in the mix. Since these tracks are unmastered, this may change on the final version.

"On Death Wings" alternates between blasting sections and slower, atmospheric parts. I like the way the guitar starts out quiet and then comes in suddenly after the intro. The mid-paced section right before the end is especially great, very heavy!

The swaggering riffing in "The Fourth Seal" is quite powerful. It's balanced by just the right amount of blasting, along with some crazy Sadistik Exekution style soloing near the end. There are plenty of start-and-stop moments to be had, as well. I dislike the "typewriter" effect caused by the computer drums during the blasting sections, though...

This demo is a big improvement over the "Hecatomb to Affliction" tape -- the individual riffs are a lot more distinctive, and the ultra-heavy sound doesn't hurt, either. Judging from these two tracks, the album should definitely be worth hearing.

Standout Tracks: "The Fourth Seal"