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Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Kratornas - Hecatomb to Affliction Artist: Kratornas
Album Title: Hecatomb to Affliction (Demo)
Label: Self-Released

This is the second demo from Kratornas, a band from the Philippines that plays raw, chaotic thrashing black metal.

The guitar here is a thrashing wall of sound, with some old-school metal lead parts. The drums are almost entirely blast-beats, though they slow down to an stately beat every now and again. The vocals are easily the best part of Kratornas - they're heavily distorted snarls, and they lend the recording a particularly sick atmosphere.

Kratornas' songwriting is excellent. This demo is three songs, and nearly half an hour long, yet there's not a boring moment. The last few minutes of "Hollow Ground Destruction" are especially noteworthy, as it sounds as if the band is firing off heavy munitions after each riff! These songs are highly chaotic, but the band's performance is more than good enough to pull it off, giving the demo a natural flow that belies its complexity. The mix here isn't the best, but it works well for this style of metal, especially the distorted, booming drums.

This is one of the best demos I've heard in a while. Kratornas is certainly worth looking into, especially for fans of dirty, thrashing Asian metal. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Hollow Ground Destruction"