Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Maledicere - Leave Only What Is Fit To Burn review

Artist: Maledicere
Album Title: Leave Only What Is Fit To Burn
Label: Antitheist Disseminations

The sound on this album is thick and atmospheric -- it's more focused on the low-end than most black metal bands, especially during the slow sections, yet it's still dominated by the snarled vocals and cutting lead guitar. The drums tend to blur into the background now and again, which is a bit of a shame, but I like the production overall.

Maldicere play what I'd characterize as raging black metal, heavy on the tremolo riffs and blasting tempos; occasional slow sections introduce some doom and even a few death metal influences, and keep the whole thing sounding fresh. The epic, arrogant atmosphere of songs like "There Are Wolves" and "Harvest" reminds me of Weltmacht's first record, but there's no direct band-to-band comparison to be made here -- these guys have done a great job in creating something new without abandoning the style. The more meditative mood of "Blood of the Lamb Upon Our Hands" and "What Is Fit To Burn" is great, too: the slow sections here break things up in just the right places, before the blasting parts carry you away again. "Hail the Black Faith" is by far my favorite song on the record, and showcases the band's mastery of repetition and atmosphere -- it's memorable, heavy, and vicious, everything a good black metal track should be! The closing section is particularly massive. Then there's "Transcendence and Death's Bloom", which closes out the record by combining everything that's gone before into one last blow. The main riff here is tremendous, especially as it blends with the buzz of cicadas during the last few seconds...

I'd be remiss not to mention the interludes, too. Short interludes like these are often just throwaway tracks, but here they're an integral part of each song -- I couldn't imagine "Transcendence..." without the quote from Rudolf Hoess, for example. In fact, I think "integral" is about the best adjective for this record: it's a well-considered whole rather than a loose collection of songs, and that gives it a great deal of punch. Recommended!

Standout Tracks: "There Are Wolves", "Hail the Black Faith", "Transcendence and Death's Bloom"