Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Melek-Tha/Nazxul

Artist: Melek-Tha / Nazxul
Album Title: Devilish Purification
Label: Une Records

This is not metal, though Nazxul has always been a black metal band. This split is dark ambient, and not particularly good dark ambient, at that. Both the Melek-Tha and Nazxul portions of the split are essentially one slow drone or another, with occasional movie samples and found-sound bits. Some thick noise sections break up the monotony every once in a while, never reaching beyond a rather average it's-an-industrial-factory-or-maybe-it's-a-dark-French-film-score atmosphere. At its best, dark ambient summons an oppressive mood, but this CD seems too aimless and scattershot for that. The effect of Devilish Purification is far more boring than devilish, to my ears, and the only moment of purification was to be found upon removing the CD from my player.

This CD was a huge disappointment to me, since Nazxul has always been among the finest of Australia's black metal stable. I had been hoping for more of the genius that can be found on Totem and Black Seed, but this album has nothing to do with their older work. Sure, Nazxul has always had a bit of dark ambient to it, but this release doesn't even have recognizable drums or guitar, and the songs here have none of the bizarre, occult edge of the band's previous ambient work! Add to that the very metal album name and album cover, and the fact that they're still using the same Nazxul logo, and I have to wonder who they thought they were fooling. Me, apparently, because I blew $20 on this piece of shit. Stay far away from this, unless you're looking for something to fall asleep to. Dark ambient fans can find much better - check out Hunok, for one - and black metal fans would spit if they heard what Nazxul has apparently become. Not recommended.