Vorfeed's B.M. Reviews - Ninnixu - Destructive Forces Obscure

Artist - Ninnixu
Album Title - Destructive Forces Obscure
Label - No Life

This is a six-track demo CDR from Ninnixu, an American band playing raw, sick Black Metal in the tradition of early Beherit.

The first thing you'll notice upon playing this is the level of distortion. These guys use guitar fuzz and static like instruments unto themselves, creating a heavy, oppressive atmosphere. On top of this, Ninnixu layer snarled vocals, ritualistic bass lines and drums, floating background synth, and the occasional eerie sample.

There is a good deal of variety here: there are some fast songs that alternate between blast beats and short breaks, and some slower, midpaced tracks that emphasize coldness rather than straightforward hatred. The songwriting here is quite good, particularly for the bass lines - one could describe this as a bass-driven album. Also notable is Ninnixu's ability to use synth and samples in a way that compliments the raw nature of the music, rather than watering it down.

All in all, a very strong demo from Ninnixu. Fans of Barathrum and Beherit should look forward to Ninnixu's upcoming CD release on War Hammer records.

Standout Tracks: "Concerning Necromancy", "Xastur Daemon"