Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Ornias - Födelse

Artist: Ornias
Album Title: Födelse
Label: Regimental

This is the first EP from Ornias, a Swedish band playing atmospheric black metal.

The guitar sound on this album is a bit soft, mixed at about the same volume as the drums. The latter are much too clicky for this sort of music, unfortunately. The typewriter effect is almost overwhelming during the blasting sections. The vocals are up top, and have quite a bit of range -- they remind me a bit of the guy from Taake.

The songwriting on this album is quite varied, from atmospheric sections to straight-ahead stomping, as on "Panzerkampfwagen". Occasional samples liven things up, and the riffing is very cool, with plenty of variation. I especially like the vocals. They've got plenty of feeling, and lend a great deal of spice to the songs. The vocalist does a fine job of matching his performance to the music, as well. "Krig" has some especially neat examples of this.

I'm a bit surprised these guys haven't put out a full-length album, yet, as these songs sound more than professional enough to get them signed. I just hope they ditch the annoying drum tone when they do. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Panzerkampfwagen", "Krig", "Forintelse"