Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Paroxsihzem - Aesthetic Torture review

Artist: Paroxsihzem
Album Title: Aesthetic Torture
Label: Self-released

This is the second demo from Paroxsihzem, a Canadian band playing black metal.

The sound on this record is relatively clear. The guitars have a nice amount of crunch to them, the drums are crisp, and the vocals are mixed up-front. The vocals are alternately snarled and belched; I like the deep vox a bit better than the others, but both styles are well-done. My only complaint about the production is the dead air at the beginning and end of some of the tracks -- this record would benefit from a snappier transition between songs.

Paroxsihzem plays blasting, riff-based black metal with a bit of death metal influence, roughly in the style of Belphegor or Behemoth. Some of the guitar lines feel rather done-before, especially during the fast sections, but the slow parts aren't too bad. "Infidelity" and "Hallucinations and Dispersions" have some solid riffs, especially the latter, as does the middle part of "Phantasmagoria". "Session" is also very good -- the ponderous ambient guitar and layered, overlapping samples from Session 9 establish a convincingly oppressive atmosphere. The transition to the last sample is a little too abrupt, though!

All in all, this is a decent demo. I like the dual-vocal approach, and the musicianship is very good, especially the drumming. With a bit more attention to the songwriting, the next demo should be even better...

Standout Tracks: Infidelity, Hallucinations and Dispersions, Session