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Artist: Patecabra
Album Title: Patecabra
Label: Self-produced

This is the first CDR EP from Patecabra, a Chilean one-man band playing thrash/speed metal.

The main focus is on the guitar, which is high and cutting, especially during the solos. The vocals are snarled/shouted, with some occasional grunts. There's a bit of distortion to them as well. The drums are programmed, but these aren't too distracting.

arrrgh, this EP is fast! Most of it charges forward at full speed, with frantic thrash riffs and vocals dripping with venom. Along the way, there are just enough heavy metal breakdowns to give you a breather.

"La Ceremonia" starts things off with a mix of mid-paced and speedy riffing. I like how the vocals go from near-whispered and necro at the beginning to angrily stated closer to the end. The drum machine is a little too obvious during the drum rolls, though.

"Poseido por la Lujuria" starts out fast, with a nimble, fierce riff that ought to have you twitching. After a couple of minutes, this gives way to a slower, old-school black metal part, with some heavy soloing on top. Just when you get used to that, the speed comes back again, only with even more complexity! The solo before the end shreds, too. Great stuff.

The halfway mark on this EP is filled with a cover of Hellhammer's "Crucifixion". This one is a lot of fun -- Patecabra has the guitar tone down, as well as the gutteral Tom G. Warrior grunts!

"Thrasheros Endemoniados" begins with a bit of bass, followed by a short mid-paced passage. After that, it bursts into speed, shredding all over the place. The vocals aren't hurried at all, even though it feels like they ought to be! There's a huge Hellhammer section in the middle, drenched in bass and slow as hell, with distorted deep-voice vox over the top, and then... "Thrash!" Crazy solos trade off between the right and left channels until it's done. You even get a Mercyful Fate scream! This song is utter genius.

"Degollador" goes from distortion into yet more speed. The vocals here are among the best on the album, and the solo that kicks in at around the two-minute mark is equally remarkable. After that, things slow down, but only for a moment. The ending is the perfect closer for the EP, too!

This would be worth it at twice the price, even if all you got was "Thrasheros Endemoniados". As it is, you get that plus four more great tracks, for a total of almost 25 minutes, all for $4 post-paid worldwide. Contact monjas.lujuriosas@gmail.com to get this! Highly recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Poseido por la Lujuria", "Thrasheros Endemoniados"