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Abigail/Barbatos - "Sexual Metal Holocaust"
Acheron - "The Final Conflict: Last Days of God"
Adversarial - "Thralls"
Adversarial - "All Idols Fall Before the Hammer"
Akitsa - "Totale Servitude"
Alioth - "Channelling Unclean Spirits"
Allfather - "Weapon of Ascension"
Allvaters Zorn - "Erbe Verpflichtet"
Altars (Aus) / Tzun Tzu - "Nepenthe... Sepulcher / Ko'muso"
Altars (Aus) - "Altars"
Amon - "Zrozeni Smrti"
Amon - "The Return of the Black Metal"
Ammit - "Extreme Speed Satan"
Amputator - "Amputator"
Amputator - "Intolerant Profanatory Domination"
Anael - "On Wings of Mercury"
Antaeus - "Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan"
Anwech - "Through the Fog Behind the Trees"
Archaicus - "Beneath the Horizon"
The Archivist - "As the Owls Watch Below"
Ares Kingdom - "Ares Kingdom"
Ares Kingdom - "Return to Dust"
Ares Kingdom - "Incendiary"
Ares Kingdom - "Veneration"
Armoured Angel - "Mysterium"
Artep - "Black War"
Assaulter - "Proselytiser"
Assaulter - "Omnipotent"
Assaulter - "Salvation Like Destruction"
Assaulter - "Boundless"
Astrath - "Flow of Nature"
Asteria - "Les Lumières"
Axis of Advance - "Strike"
Axis of Advance - "Purify"
Azoth - S/T
Baltak - "Kral Na Dva Svetoj"
Banshee - "Volume I"
Begrime Exemious - "Impending Funeral of Man"
Belmez - "Berzerker"
The Belonging - "Ashes of the Fallen Throne"
Bilskirnir - "In Flames of Purification"
Bilskirnir/Szalasi - Split EP
Bilskirnir - "Atavismus des Glaubens"
Black Witchery - "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom"
Blaspherian - "Rehearsal Demo 2005"
Bleakwood - "Blood and Faith"
Bleakwood / Azoth - "Etched Upon Oblivion / Babalon" split 7"
Blood Revolt - "Indoctrine"
Blood Storm - "Sirian Storm"
Bolt Thrower - "War"
Bolt Thrower - "Those Once Loyal"
Bran Barr - "Les Chronicles de Naerg"
Caliginosity - "In Celebration of the Serpent"
Cirith Gorgor - "Through Woods of Darkness and Evil" EP
Conqueror - "Warcult Supremacy"
Countess - "Burning Scripture"
Countess - "Blazing Flames of War"
Countess - "Holocaust of the God Believers"
Countess - "Spawn of Steel"
Countess - "Heilig Vuur"
Countess - "Revenge of the Horned One, Part One"
Countess - "Revenge of the Horned One, Part Two"
Countess - "The Shining Swords of Hate"
Cryfemal - "Escucha a los Muertos"
Dark Legions - "Awakening of the Legions"
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - "Follow the Calls to Battle"
Day Of The Beast - "Day Of The Beast"
Dead to Earth/Volkeinblucht/Idvarp - "Three-Way Split"
Dead River Runs Dry - "Winter"
Demoncy - "Empire of the Fallen Angel"
Demontage - "Madness Disease"
Demontage - "Sacrilege & Miscreancy"
Destroyer 666 - "Phoenix Rising"
Destroyer 666 - "Defiance"
Destroyer 666 - "Defiance" (LP version)
Devastator / Blasphemer - "Nuclear War / Race of the Cursed Seeds"
Devil Lee Rot - "Metalizer"
Devil Lee Rot - "At Hell's Deep"
Diocletian - "Doom Cult"
Diocletian - "War of All Against All"
Disma - "Vault of Membros"
The Doctor - "The Doctor Is In"
Doombringer - "Abhorrent Dreams of the End"
Draco Aerius - "Serve the Chaos"
Drastus - "Taphos"
Dusk - "The Shadowsoul"
Dusk - "Carpathian Darkness"
Evil Silence - "No Will, No Hope"
Extinction - "Down Below the Fog"
Ezurate - "Infernal Dominatio"
Father Befouled - "Obscurus Nex Cultus"
Father Befouled / Decrepitaph - "Christlike Dementia / Summoned for Sacrifice"
Father Befouled / Helcaraxe - "Ruination of the Heavenly Communion"
Faustcoven - "Rising From Below the Earth"
Faustcoven - "Hellfire and Funeral Bells"
Finsternis - "Eine Finster Nachtmusik"
Fires of Hell - "Horrific Satanist Music"
Fires of Hell - "The Great Portals Shall Open"
A Forest of Stars - "The Corpse of Rebirth"
Front Beast - "Walpurgisnacht"
Front Beast - "Black Spells of the Damned"
Gorgon/Sabbat - "Sabbatical Gorgonslaught"
Gospel of the Horns - "A Call to Arms"
Gospel of the Horns - "Realm of the Damned"
Grabnebelfursten- "Von Schemen und Trugbildern"
Graveland - "Dawn of Iron Blades"
Gravewurm - "Under the Banner of War"
Greed & Rapacity - "Loki Bound"
Greed & Rapacity - "Ergreifer"
Grom - "Pagan War Machine"
Gyibaaw / Mitochondrion - "Rituals of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt"
Hail - "Inheritance of Evilness"
Headhunter D.C. - "God's Spreading Cancer"
Helcaraxe - "Triumph and Revenge"
Helcaraxe - "No God To Save You"
Helcaraxe - "Broadsword"
Helcaraxe / Ascended - S/T
Helcaraxe - Red Dragon
Hellkult - "The Collection"
Hellrealm - "Hell Is Here On Earth"
New ReviewHeresiarch - "Wælwulf"
Heresiarch - "Hammer of Intransigence"
Hooded Menace - "Fulfill the Curse"
Hunter's Ground - "No God But the Wild"
Hunter's Ground - "Estrous"
Idvarp - "Demo '03"
In Death I Become - "The Splendour of Emptiness"
In Death I Become - "Black Wings, Grey Skies"
Inquisition - "Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer"
Inquisition - "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm"
Ironwood - "Ironwood"
Ironwood - "Fire:Water:Ash"
Iugulatus - "Call of the Horned God"
Judas Iscariot - "To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding"
Katorga - "Sudowia"
Ketzer - "Satan's Boundaries Unchained"
Kommandant - "Stormlegion"
Kratornas - "Hecatomb to Affliction"
Kratornas - "The Fourth Seal (advance tracks)"
Kratornas - "The Corroding Age of Wounds"
Krieg - "Destruction Ritual"
Krieg/Open Grave - "Resistance is Futile"
Krohm - "Crown of the Ancients"
Lake of Blood - "Heed the Primal Calling"
Lantern - "Subterranean Efflugence"
Lüger - "Kill, Worship, Die"
Maledicere - "Leave Only What Is Fit To Burn"
Megiddo - "The Devil and the Whore"
Megiddo/Rampage - "Apocalyptic Raids 2001 C.E."
Megiddo - "The Final War"
Melek-Tha/Nazxul - "Devilish Purification"
Metalucifer - "Heavy Metal Bulldozer"
Misantropical Painforest - "Winds Saturate With Inhumane Longing"
Misantropical Painforest - "Firm Grip of the Roots"
Mitochondrion - "Archaeaeon"
Mitochondrion - "Parasignosis"
Moat - "Black Fucking Metal"
Morrigan - "Plague, Waste and Death"
Morthond - "Somber Deathwinds"
Mutant Supremacy - "Infinite Suffering"
Myrddraal - "Blood on the Mountain"
Myrddraal - "Falling Sky"
Nachtfalke - "Hail Victory Teutonia"
Nachtfalke - "Land of Frost"
Nachtfalke - "As the Wolves Died"
Nachtfalke - "Following the Wanderers Path"
Nachtmystium - "The First Attacks"
Nachtmystium - "Nachtmystium"
Nekrasov / Moon / Nekros Manteia - "The Haunting Resonance"
Ninnixu - "Destructive Forces Obscure"
Open Grave - "Fear"
Open Grave - "The Heavens Cry Black Tears"
Operation Winter Mist - "Winter Warfare II"
Operation Winter Mist - "Imperial Grand Strategy"
Ornias - "Fodelse"
Orodruin/Vinterriket - Split CD
Paroxsihzem - "Aesthetic Torture"
Paroxsihzem - "Paroxsihzem"
Patecabra - "Patecabra"
Pest - "Ara"
Pentacle - "Under the Black Cross"
Rampage - "Monolith to an Abandoned Past"
Rampage - "Displeasures of the Flesh"
Rampage - "Crimson Frost"
Revenge - "Scum.Collapse.Eradication"
Rev. Kriss Hades - "The Wind of Orion"
Rites of Thy Degringolade - "Totality"
Rites of Thy Degringolade - "An Ode to Sin"
Ruina / Tundra / Operation Winter Mist - "Allegiance of the Profane Pack"
Sabbat / Gorgon - "Sabbatical Gorgonslaught"
Sabbat - "Satanasword"
Sabbat - "Karmagmassacre"
Sanctimonious - "Promo 03"
Sanguis Imperem - "In Glory We March Towards Our Doom"
Sanguis Imperem / Nocturnal Blood - "Imperial Impurity"
Sanguis Imperem - "The Stagnation of Centuries"
Satanic Warmaster - "Strength and Honor"
Scorched - "Forever Dying Sun"
Scythe - "Decay"
Screams of Winter - "Rise of the Nephilim"
Seraphim Slaughter - "Scum Terror"
Sigh - "Gallows Gallery"
Slough Feg - "Ape Uprising"
Slough Feg - "The Animal Spirits"
Sokrovenno - "De Rerum Natura"
Solhverv - "Tagernes Artusinde"
Spearhead - "Decrowning the Irenarch"
Spearhead - "Theomachia"
Stiny Plamenu - "Zelezo Krvaci"
Stiny Plamenu - "Ve Spine je Pravda"
Sword Toward Self - "Dissolution Mantras"
Truppensturm - "Salute to the Iron Emperors"
Urgrund - "The Graven Sign"
Urgrund - "Unchangeable Fate"
Urgrund - "Urgrund"
Uncreation's Dawn - "Lightning Hammer Falls"
"Lead us into War and Final Glory" - Allfather, Nebron, Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse, and Gnostic split CD
"New World Blasphemy" - Cross Sodomy, Rampage, and Song of Melkor split CD
Various - "The Next Thousand Years are Ours (Tribute to Darkthrone)"
Vassafor - "Obsidian Codex"
Vinterriket - "...und die Nacht kam schweren Schrittes"
Voids of Vomit - "Veritas Ultima Vitae"
Volkeinblucht - "To Consume the Darkness Whole"
Vore - "Maleficus"
Vukodlak - "Blackest Autumn"
Vulpecula - "In Dusk Apparition"
Xasthur - "Nocturnal Poisoning"
Xasthur - "Suicide in Dark Serenity"
W.A.I.L. - "W.A.I.L."
W.A.I.L. - "Wisdom through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy"
Warhorde - "Blood, Filth, Chaos"
Warhorde - "Satanic Lust"
Warlust - "Trench War"
Warmarch - "War March"
Warmarch - "The Declaration"
War Master - "Chapel of the Apocalypse"
Weak Aside- "Fire At Will"
Weapon - "From the Devil's Tomb"
Weapon - "Drakonian Paradigm"
Weapon - "Within the Flesh of the Satanist"
Wind of the Black Mountains - "Black Sun Shall Rise"
Witchrist - "The Grand Tormentor"
Witchrist - "Beheaded Ouroboros"
Wolves Guard My Coffin - "Demo 2010"
Wyrd - "Huldrafolk"
Yamatu - "Shurpu Asaru"

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