Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Sabbat - Satanasword

Band: Sabbat
Album: Satanasword
Label: Iron Pegasus
Release Year: 2000

This is yet another slab of near-perfect Metal from Japan's venerable Sabbat. For those that don't know them, Sabbat is one of the oldest bands to gather under the banner of Black Metal (they did so in 1985). Their music is relentlessly old-school Black Thrash.

As for "Satanasword", it more than lives up to expectations. All the elements of Sabbat's art are here: great riffing, amazing solos with nary a hint of wankery, and the vocals - the vocals! Growled, screeched, and even cleanly sung... they're outstanding.

I can't heap enough praise upon this album. It's one of those rare releases that every Metal fan will probably like, truly something for everyone.

Standout Tracks: "Nekromantik", "Angel of Destruction", "Charisma"