Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Scorched - Forever Dying Sun

Artist: Scorched
Album Title: Forever Dying Sun
Label: Regimental

This is the first album from Scorched, a Swedish band playing Norwegian styled black metal.

The production on this album is quite clear. The drums run together a bit, but the guitars are right up front, nice and sharp. There are some occasional chorus-style vocals, but the main voice is snarled. It's quite understandable, which is a nice touch. Synths make an appearance, and though they're not overdone, they can get pretty overbearing during the epic parts.

These guys remind me of Marduk more than anyone else -- they've got that cold, epic sound that Marduk had on their earlier albums, before they switched to constant hyperspeed blasting. This CD does have its share of blast beats, but the songs here are still interesting, mostly due to the vocals. Most of these songs run about five minutes, but Scorched manage to pack a good deal of epic stuff into each.

I especially like the synth and chorus on "The Rebel Souls", which give the song a bit of a spacey feeling. The main riff on "Cthulu" is cool, as is the chorus and the sudden, horror-esque ending. The gong on "Hellspawn" is also notable. "Upon Damnation Storms" is their epic, at 9 minutes long. It combines rain and wind samples, synth, and sparse guitar for a Polish-style opening, then cranks up the speed. The clean singing at the end of this one is especially ambitious.

This album is OK, but nothing special. Not recommended, unless you're really into Marduk and Immortal and are looking for something similar.

Standout Tracks: "The Rebel Souls", "Cthulu", "Hellspawn"