Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Sigh - Gallows Gallery

Artist: Sigh
Album Title: Gallows Gallery
Label: Baphomet

This is the sixth full-length album from Sigh, a Japanese band playing avant-garde black metal.

The production on this album is quite muddy compared to Sigh's other albums of late. It's closer to a traditional black metal production, with a layer of fuzz between the backing guitars and the keys/vocals. This album has plenty of Sigh's trademark organ playing, along with some spacey keyboard sounds, and it wouldn't be Sigh without some unorthodox sounds, like the sax on "In a Drowse", and the bells on "Silver Universe".

The big change here is the vocals. Gone are Mirai's trademark black metal vox, exchanged for operatic clean vocals. I don't like these one bit, myself, but they do fit the music, so give them a chance.

This album is not nearly as out there as Imaginary Sonicscape, composition-wise, but it's also a far cry from the black metal stylings of Sigh's early albums. The result is an album that's tamer than anything Sigh has recorded before. There are a number of great solos, of both guitar and organ varieties, and plenty of groovy melodies, but they're just not enough to keep this one from being Sigh's least interesting album. Sigh leans heavily on variations of repeated themes, here, and while this works with the concept of the album, it makes the latter songs sound like something you've already heard before. To make matters worse, the band blows through the three best songs in the first fifteen minutes of the album, and then they throw a couple of slow songs in between what's left. I find myself listening to only five of the ten songs: the standout tracks listed below, "Midnight Sun", and "Silver Universe".

Half of the Sigh fans who hear this will hate the vocals; the other half will likely hate the production. This one might be worth hearing, though, if only to complete your Sigh collection. Even mediocre Sigh is more original than most bands, after all. Not recommended.

Standout Tracks: "In A Drowse", "The Enlightenment Day", "Confession to be Buried"