Vorfeed's B.M. Reviews - Solhverv - Tagernes Artusinde

Band: Solhverv
Album: Tagernes Artusinde
Label: Euphonious
Release Year: 1996

Solhverv is a Black Metal band from Denmark, and this is their debut album. The playing here is quite competent- it ranges from faster blasting passages to slower breaks. The vocals are pretty much what you'd expect, ordinary black metal rasps with occasional growls and screams.

However, the songwriting is where it all falls apart. Most of this album is quite messy, composition-wise, and sounds almost as if a bunch of random elements were thrown together and picked out of a hat. The drums rarely work well with the guitar riffs, the vocals have no real connection to anything else and tend to wander all over the place, and the whole thing just comes out sounding weak and directionless.

Not recommended, but there is some potential here if the songwriting is tightened up a bit.

Best Tracks: "Under Dodens Grumme Svobe", "Alt Ondt Skal Komme Fra Norden" are definitely the standouts- these are examples of what this band could accomplish with slightly more cohesive songwriting.