Vorfeed's B.M. Reviews - Stiny Plamenu - Ve Spine je Pravda

Artist: Stiny Plamenu
Album: Ve Spine je Pravda
Label: Barbarian Wrath

This is the debut CD from Stiny Plamenu, a Czech band playing mid-to-high speed Black Metal.

Stiny Plamenu combine unique, repetitive riffs with frantic drumming and excellent snarled, growled, and cleanly sung vocals to create a top-notch album. Their approach is raw and direct, but certainly not unstructured - these guys have written songs that manage to be both chaotic and memorable. The inclusion of slower breaks and clean vocals is something that often ruins Black Metal songs, but here these passages sound just as hateful as the more straightforward sections. That's probably because they're done in a very martial way, almost like grim marching songs.

I think the best bands to compare them to would be fellow Czech bands Master's Hammer and Amon Goeth, though Stiny Plamenu definitely stand on their own. "Ve Spine je Pravda" is a most highly recommended album, and I'll be eager to hear Stiny Plamenu's next release.

Standout Tracks: Tracks 4, 6, 7.