Vorfeed's B.M. Reviews - Various - The Next Thousand Years are Ours

Band: Various Artists
Album: The Next Thousand Years are Ours (Tribute to Darkthrone)
Label: Destroy Productions
Release Year: 2001

At last, the long-awaited "true tribute" to Darkthrone. Since a lot of people (including me) were quite disappointed with Moonfog's "Darkthrone, Holy Darkthrone", this album was released as Destroy Productions' answer. It's a two-disc set of CDRs- the first disc is 14 tracks of various bands covering Darkthone songs. The second is an ISO Data CD, filled with pictures, essays, lyrics, reviews, and various other gems.

First, the music. These 14 tracks should appeal to any Darkthrone fan. 14 songs is way too many to give a decent review here, so I'm going to list only those that really stood out from the pack.

The CD starts out with an amazing cover of "Kaatharian Life Code", performed by Lycanthropy. The level of aggression here is admirable.

Next comes Megiddo, with a near-perfect version of "Earth's Last Picture". Chock full of pride and anger, this is a song that would justify the cost of the album alone.

Thor's cover of "Triumphant Gleam" is notable for the extraordinarily sick vocals, a great touch.

Rampage takes "In The Shadow of the Horns" and makes it their own, giving one of the best songs on the album.

The Syre add some movie voice samples to "The Hordes of Nebulah", along with an excellent guitar sound that sometimes approaches a "dentist drill" effect.

The data cd is also excellent- low tech so that it may be viewed on any machine, yet laid out through the use of on-disc webpages in an excellent way that still rewards one for looking through the disc on one's own. Most data cds like this are simply a mass of files thrown together on a disc, so this was a nice touch.

I especially enjoy the "Unholy Black Metal Songtitle-O-Matic", and the inclusion of the live bootlegs and the demos in mp3 form is genius. If you don't have these, don't pay far too much to get them from some capitalist pig on ebay, buy this cd and support Darkthrone's true fans.

This is most highly recommended- the obvious affection and spirit that went into this, along with the excellent songs and equally great collection of Darkthrone data, make this a must have.

Available from Destroy Productions for $10, postage paid. for ordering information, contact hatred@fuck-the-skull-of-jesus.mit.edu or Destroy PO Box 5113 Gladstone Q 4680 Australia