Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Towards Global Holocaust - Feuersturm review

Artist: Towards Global Holocaust
Album Title: Feuersturm
Label: Scattered to the Winds

The production on this album is high and thin, with cutting guitars and vocals which vary from a tormented whisper to screamed vox, often double-tracked. The drums don't have much power, which is a bit of a shame -- they're way in the back of the mix, to the point where they might as well not be there on some of these tracks. Occasional samples are used to increase the atmosphere, such as explosions and flames.

The stuttering, repetitive riffs and vicious screams here are certainly atypical; even the occasional use of folky lead guitar can't impart much melody to this. The songs seem to stop and start out of nowhere, wandering through a wasteland of bizarre, blackened guitar lines in the meantime. About the only thing the listener has to hold on to are the vocals: they seem to rise above the churning battlefield, like monuments built out of sheer emotion. Their strange inhumanity gives way now and again to powerful moments of clarity, like the chanting on "Holocaust SS", only to fall back into chaos. Likewise, "In the Gathering Gloom, They Shall Fall and Burn" is practically ambient in its use of slow, measured pace and haunting lead guitar, and "Approaching Global Genocide" seems almost conventional beside the rest of the album. Fortunately, the epic "Implementing the Doctrine of Charred Earth and Mass Extinction" provides more than enough madness to make up for it, thrashing its way through multiple moods without the slightest concession to outside structure.

The odd, disjointed feel of this record neatly captures one of the essential truths of war: there's no difference between you and the next guy in the trench, other than which one of you happens to be standing in front of the bullet. Those who need a strong dose of order in their chaos may be confused and repelled by this, but more experimental spirits will find a lot to like here, as will those who just want to get lost in a firestorm of riffs for forty minutes. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Flammenwerfer", "Holocaust SS", "Implementing the Doctrine of Charred Earth and Mass Extinction"