Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Urgrund - Self-Titled review Artist: Urgrund
Album Title: Urgrund
Label: Deathrune Records

This is the sound Urgrund always should have had. Heavy, ugly, and rough, with a savage vocal tone that just manages to cut through everything else. The audible bass is a great touch, as is the drum sound: just loud enough to keep things together, yet capable of taking center stage when need be.

If you've heard any of the band's other albums, you know what to expect here: Aussie black/thrash as it was once done and fortunately still is, delivered straight to the face. Raging riffs combine with nonstop drumming and frantic cymbal hits, while the vocals snarl out tales of conquest and battle. Many of the songs here are among their best: I especially like "Slavery's Sedition", with its stomping middle section and vicious main riff, and the swaggering superiority of "Legion-Heirs" ("one thousand! Screams! Of primal! BEASTS!") is as good as it gets. "Plague Harvest" opens the record with some catchy, rocking riffing and some of the most memorable lyrics on the album. "Heirs to the Godless Dawn" is a surprisingly epic sprint through the battle-ruins, broken by a huge triumphant section, while "Funeral Absolution" and "Cremations Declaration" shred all over the place, and "Believer/Deceiver" tells a familiar tale of disgust set to a sick and twisted guitar line. Two classics also return from their previous works -- the version of "Besieged Cities" (with Damon Bloodstorm on vox!) is even better than the original, and the re-recording of Urgrund's old anthem, "Drenched in Blood", is a perfect way to end the album proper. Even the echoing instrumental "On Voyager Thule" and the ambient oppression of "Cinder" are perfect!

This is easily one of the best records in this style in years and years. Get it now before it's too late! Highest recommendations.

Standout tracks: "Slavery's Sedition", "Legion-Heirs", "Heirs to the Godless Dawn"