Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Urgrund - Unchangeable Fate

Artist: Urgrund
Album Title: Unchangeable Fate
Label: Baphomet

This is the second full-length album from Urgrund, an Australian band playing black/thrash metal.

The production on this album is much better than on "The Graven Sign". While that release sounded muddy and distant, the guitars and drums on this one are loud and clear. The improved production brings out the technical side of this band, but the sound is still raw enough to be punishing. The vocals are quite understandable, and there are plenty of catchy choruses to be found.

In terms of songwriting, this album is a direct descendant of the previous. Urgrund's songs are militant, thrashing black metal tunes based on themes of war and history. Obvious comparison points are Destroyer 666 and Urn -- Urgrund have the same sort of heavy atmosphere as those bands, with perhaps a bit more of a chaotic sound at times. Despite that, these songs don't sound aimless or cluttered. The last album had some filler here and there, but this one is leaner and more direct, with an emphasis on memorable riffing and vocals. It was quite difficult to pick just three songs below, since every track on this album is distinctive.

If you liked any of Urgrund's previous work, this album is a must-buy. It advances the band's songwriting from the recent "Battle Skin" EP, while simultaneously avoiding the production problems that plagued their debut full-length. If you haven't checked this band out yet, or you were turned off by the poor sound of the last album, you should give this one a try, and see what you think. If you like black/thrash, you should be pleased with "Unchangeable Fate". Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Ride the Warstorm", "Scavengers", "Colossal Fist"