Vorfeed's B.M. Reviews - Various - New World Blasphemy

Band: Cross Sodomy / Rampage / Song of Melkor (split CD)
Album: New World Blasphemy
Label: Unsung Heroes Records
Release Year: 2001

Here's a split CDR from three American bands - Cross Sodomy, the venerable Rampage, and Song of Melkor. I'll review the work of each separately, in alphabetical order.

Cross Sodomy's music is squarely in the old-school, low-fi American Black Metal tradition (much like their fellow Americans, Gravewurm.) As for the lyrics, they're rough but quite understandable, and are pure blasphemy in the Profanatica vein. My only complaint here is that the vocals could use some work... if they were a tad sicker, this would be perfect.

Rampage gives us a two-track preview of what to expect on the upcoming "Crimson Frost", the first Black Metal release from this prolific band. All in all, they don't disappoint - the music creates an atmosphere of frustration and misanthropy, while the vocals reinforce the message. Vocals here range from screams to snarls, while never losing their harsh edge. There's also some interesting, Barathrum-esque bass work on "Ritual Curse"... Rampage is the best of the three bands by a long shot.

Song of Melkor provides the fastest songs of the three bands. They play raw, ritualistic Black Metal, somewhat like old Beherit. The music is well-done, though the band could use a bit more cohesion at times. The vocals are the best part of this band - they alternate between simple rasps and completely sick, gurgling snarls. Definitely a promising band.

Taken together, this is a fine sampler of raw, unholy Black Metal. Recommended, as the two Rampage songs are more than worth the small price of the disc, even if you can't stand the rest. Available from the label.

Standout Tracks: Rampage - "Black Flames Light my Path to Damnation"
Song of Melkor - "(Sail Through Worlds) by the Devil's Ore"
Cross Sodomy - ChristVomit