Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Voids of Vomit - Veritas Ultima Vitae review

Artist: Voids of Vomit
Album Title: Veritas Ultima Vitae
Label: Bird of Ill Omen

The production on this album is thick, with plenty of low-end. The belched, volcanic vocals and subterranean bass only add to the effect. The rhythm guitars have a good amount of crunch, though, and the drums sound quite crisp. The high-pitched leads also provide plenty of sonic variety.

Voids of Vomit play crushing mid-paced death metal with frantic leads, a bit like early Asphyx. There's a bit of brutal swagger to the proceedings, also, which reminds me of bands like old Grave and Autopsy. The songs on Veritas Ultima Vitae are solid and catchy, with plenty of tempo changes and meaty guitar lines. The weird, off-kilter drum fills and thrashing riffs at the center of "Cursed Void" are especially great, and the doomy part at the end brings old Incantation to mind. The lugubrious vocal work on "Walls of Hallucination" is also particularly great; this track is filthy to the core! The frantic ending is a perfect lead-in to a great cover of Death's Corpsegrinder.

This is a solid slab of death metal... and while I have to admit that Voids of Vomit isn't offering anything new, they'd probably take that as a compliment. If you like early 90s death metal, you should enjoy this. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: "Cursed Void", "Walls of Hallucination"