Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - W.A.I.L. - s/t

Artist: W.A.I.L.
Album Title: s/t
Label: Self-released

This is the second demo from W.A.I.L., a Finnish band playing doomy black/death metal.

The sound on this record is thick and bassy, with tons of low-end. The rattling drums and belched, echo-laden vocals add even more depth to the proceedings, giving the record an incredibly heavy atmosphere. In fact, this is one of the most appropriately-produced demos I've heard in a long time!

The repetitive, ritualistic songwriting here reminds me of the Greek and Czech scenes, as well as W.A.I.L's countrymen, Barathrum and Hail. Crushing, slow-paced bass and guitar lines are used to maximum effect, along with the occasional solo. Though the songs are rather long, at over ten minutes each, the band's use of variation and subtle traditional-doom touches keeps things sounding fresh.

"Wisdom" is a pounding tune with shifting, echoing guitar lines and tons of cymbal abuse. I really like the subtle use of keys, as well as the way the song builds toward its conclusion. The ending is crushingly heavy! The echoing, tribal-sounding instrumental track, "Nostalgia", breaks up the mood perfectly between the two sides of the tape. Then "Agony" comes in, with ponderously heavy guitars and an odd, off-kilter drum pattern. The vocals on this one are equally eerie, with some chants and groans which give the song a ritual atmosphere. The huge Candlemass-ish guitar line which comes in at around seven minutes is killer!

This demo is a must-hear for fans of mid-paced, bass-heavy black metal bands like Varathron, Necromantia, Barathrum, Samael, and Amon Goeth. Highly recommended.

Standout tracks: "Wisdom", "Agony"