Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Weapon - Within the Flesh of the Satanist

Artist: Weapon
Album Title: Within the Flesh of the Satanist
Label: InCoffin Productions

This is the first demo from Weapon, a Bangladeshi band playing raw black metal.

The abrupt, delayed-reverb vocals and filthy, distorted guitar tone make Von the obvious point of comparison for this band, but the songwriting is too complex for the comparison to be entirely adequate. Plenty of rumbling bass gives the songs even more heft, while the drumming is more varied and active than one would expect from this style of metal.

"Naga" starts off with a floaty synth intro, then takes an abrupt turn into distorted riffing. The guitar trades off between two simple riffs, allowing room for some drum fills now and again. The timing between the invocation and reverb on each phrase gives this track a great "duet" feeling. I especially like the ending -- a short solo gives way to powerful vocal repetition: "Naga! Naga! Naga! Naga!"

"I Abhorrer, Father of Sin" has a Hellhammerish groove. Slow, bass-heavy atmosphere dominates this song, but from time to time the mood turns frantic as vocals, guitar, and drums flail. There's another good solo close to the end of this one. Again, an excellent use of repetition.

"Cancerous Qaatabon" has an open, wandering structure with a number of different guitar parts. The drumming here is a lot more involved than on the other songs, with plenty of bombastic cymbal hits. This is by far the longest song on the demo, but it doesn't get boring at all. I'm not sure if it's just the tape I had, but the drums seem to drown out the guitar during the first half of the song, causing the guitar to jump to the front of the mix whenever the drummer is silent.

The title track starts off with a simple, haunting bass melody. After that, mid-paced metal is the rule. There are tons of catchy, distinctive riffs in this one, making it the best song on the album. I especially like the interplay between the drums, bass, and guitar at about the halfway point. The vocal delivery here is perfect!

If you're looking for something that echoes the early-second-wave black metal sound without aping any particular band, this is the demo for you. The thick production and cavernous vocals will please fans of Von, Archgoat, and Beherit, and the more melodic moments are for those who like the old Greek bands. Highly recommended!

Standout Tracks: "I Abhorrer, Father of Sin", "Within the Flesh of the Satanist"