Vorfeed.net B.M. Reviews - Wolves Guard My Coffin review

Artist: Wolves Guard My Coffin
Album Title: Demo 2010
Label: Unsigned

The production on this demo is very thin. The high, thready guitar tone and weak drum sound (is it a drum machine on some tracks?) rob this of much of its impact... and if ever a band needed a bassist, it's this one. Still, for a demo, it's not too bad. The snarled vocals are right up front, and are one of the band's better features.

There are tons of mic pops and other minor flaws throughout, giving this demo a live feel that's a good fit for the black/thrash tunes on offer here. Storming the Fortress of God is an anthemic, thrashing paean to war against heaven -- good, straightforward stuff, though the Ride of the Valkyries intro goes on way too long. Glorious Weaponry is a more conventional blasting black metal song; have to admit I was bored by this one. Fortunately, the next song more than makes up for it. The shifting, mid-paced tremolo riffs and spacious dual-vocal sections give this song a convincingly epic feel. Werewolf Blood's lycanthropic lyrics and straightforward, triumphant main riff make it the best song on the record. Throttle and Maim has a much heavier production, and I like the mid-paced parts, but I wasn't as interested in the blasting sections. The soloing right before the end of the demo is great!

This is pretty good for a demo; it's a solid collection of Destroyer 666-ish songs, and it'd probably make a good live set. This might be a band to watch! Recommended.

Standout Tracks: And End Like the Mountains, Werewolf Blood, Throttle and Maim